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ASHTON ANGELLÉ is a multi-faceted curator and creator. Blending a passion for design, photography, and travel, Ashton merges these creative initiatives with an effortless flair.

Ashton has a background in communications & digital content management and now pursues her creative vision through illustration, graphic design, and creative direction.

Ashton's mission is to empower creatives in their journey by helping them establish an unconventional brand that inspires them. Outside of her job as a Social Media Manager, Ashton loves creativity, research, and inspiration.

I always enjoy sharing more about myself and I would love to connect with you. If you would like to connect with me send an email to

Ashton Angellé Xx


Hi, I'm Ashton Angellé

4 fun facts about me.

I'm a Librarian by degree.

I'm a fan of Anime.

I keep Tom Misch and Boney James on repeat.

I'm a street taco connoisseur.

Feel the vibe and...

work with me!

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